Todd Roy is an American producer, director, writer and actor who is best known for his role as director and producer on the reality online series The Jace Hall Show. He currently is a creative director and producer at Twin Galaxies, LLC.

Todd Roy is the producer-director-creator of Cardio World The Series, which is syndicated on Crave Online and YouTube. Cardio World is a health and wellness online series starring BSN Fitness and Oxygen Magazine model Alicia Marie.

In 1999, Todd Roy created KWOON, an online-based martial arts comedy series. The series followed the adventures of five kung fu students fighting the forces of evil in Silicon Valley. Three 22-minute episodes were produced for the Internet and DVD.

Roy produces and directs The Jace Hall Show, which is syndicated on IGN and on Hulu.

Roy has also produced the online series Chadam and The Legend of Neil.