Jace Hall is CEO and General Manager of Twin Galaxies, which is a Social Networking platform that facilitates interaction, achievement, recognition, and competition between people involved in the culture and activity of playing video games..

Jace is a video game industry legend, having designed and published numerous successful AAA video game titles. He founded video game development studio - Monolith Productions in 1994, bringing such original hit franchises as No One Lives Forever, F.E.A.R., Alien vs. Predator, TRON 2.0 and Condemned: Criminal Origins to market.

Jace successfully sold Monolith to Warner Bros. in 2004 and became the founder and General Manager of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. There he was responsible for providing and managing the studio’s growth strategy from a simple licensing model into full development, publishing and distribution capability. During his tenure, Hall oversaw the development and management of numerous film/television/comic book multi SKU game franchises such as: The Matrix, DC Comics and Harry Potter. He took the company from $60m to $600m in three years, growing and managing his initial staff from 13 to over 600 employees.

Additionally, Jace formed HDFilms Inc, a film and television production studio, which completed over 40 different projects for feature film, scripted and unscripted TV shows and short-form webisodes with many production partners.

As the development visionary and Executive Producer of the re-imagined high profile "V" television series on ABC, Jace has been the driving force behind numerous creative projects across many media types, including the Avant-garde real-time video game computer animated online series Chadam for theWB.com.

Jace is also the co-founder of Smiletime, a media technology company focused on embracing the Internet’s distribution and interaction capabilities by creating a platform for what comes next after TV. Jace is the creator and author of the technology patent that produces a ‘lean in’ mode of engagement between live broadcaster and consumer that allows viewers to serve as an integral part of premium entertainment and storytelling. Forward thinking content providers such as TMZ and The CW have made use of the technology.

A partial list of Jace’s credits can be found on IMDB. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0995727/