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This week Rick clears up the rumors surrounding Echo Fox selling their League of Legends slot. Jace steps up when it comes to a competition between he and Rick. And the guys make sure to take time to honor the passing of Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson.

Episode 3: A Roy Named Sue

6/12/19 - 01:16:52 -
The guys look ahead to E3 and discuss which console and game announcements they look forward to most. Rick gives us all an update on his climb to Iron II in League of Legends along with a creative metaphor for where he stacks against the professionals. The guys also share their first World of Warcraft memory... except Jace who would rather talk Ultima Online. And of course there is a call with Kyle who asks the inevitable question, "why is Todd on this podcast again?"

Episode 1: Zero Fox Given

5/29/2019 - 01:12:47 - Get to know host Rick Fox, Jace Hall and Todd Roy as they explain their backgrounds in video games and eventually e-sports. Jace calls Rick out after a recent article exposed his League of Legends Solo queue ranking in North America. Rick also takes some time to address the recent controversy around an investor in Echo Fox.