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Video Games are under attack in Belgium and Publisher Electronic Arts is accused of pushing gambling on children. Jace attempts to argue in favor of Electronic Arts and controversy ensues. Then Rick Fox shares the IRL physical and mental health challenges facing esports athletes while his son Kyle Fox questions the courage of NBA athletes during major earthquakes.

Episode 5: ValHALLa

6/26/19 - 01:08:44 - Sitting in a box, head big as an ox, today on the podcast we have a hungry Rick Fox! Join in the laughs as we find out why that's Jace's fault and Todd is a hero. Kyle calls in to tell us all why he wants us to leave Pokemon Go developers alone. And Jace disperses some Dogma from his newfound religion!

Episode 4: GG Clan ain’t nuthin ta Fox wit

6/19/19 - 01:11:21 -Today, it's all about Tiger Style when the guys talk about toxicity in gaming. Jace explains some examples of trolling while Todd and Rick prefer to take a more hands on approach, by subjecting him to it... Rick tells about how the never say die attitude that served him well as an NBA champion has caused some turmoil during his LoL climb. And the guys explore balancing the relationship between time spent gaming and health and fitness.