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Episode 12: Violent Video game Viola

Unfortunate news coming out of Evo regarding sexual misconduct allegations and explore some of the toxicity in the FGC. Jace talks about the chaos and mayhem going on in the video game culture. And the gang breaks down the recent controversy of scapegoating violent video games for violence in our society.

Episode 10: The Tweet Heard Round The World

Rick gets emotional talking about a tweet from his son and the response of the gaming community. Kyle Fox has taken a stronger hold on the guest spot than his internet counterpart does a Monster Energy drink. The guys break down gaming gear and what they think matters most. And you'll definitely want to hear why Todd is extra happy he didn't enter the Fortnite World Cup tournament.

Episode 8: AREOLA 51

Special guest Kyle Fox is back in the studio this week as the gang delves into social issues debating the recent casting controversy around Scarlett Johansson and the film "Rub & Tug". Rick wants in on the Area 51 raid while Todd has already been performing reconnaissance. And you won't believe the kind of dough up for grabs when Jace talks about the after hours money matches at Evo!


Video Games are under attack in Belgium and Publisher Electronic Arts is accused of pushing gambling on children. Jace attempts to argue in favor of Electronic Arts and controversy ensues. Then Rick Fox shares the IRL physical and mental health challenges facing esports athletes while his son Kyle Fox questions the courage of NBA athletes during major earthquakes.