The GG podcast

From the minds behind Echo Fox, one of the world's preeminent e-sports organizations, comes a triple A podcast all about the culture, athletes, and inner-workings of the gaming industry. Immerse yourself in conversations about e-sports you love, and find out what "Good Game" really means from a trio who's taken the business by storm: 3x NBA Champion and Echo Fox owner, Rick Fox, along with Twin Galaxies CEO and host of The Jace Hall Show, Jace Hall, and award-winning producer and head of content for Twin Galaxies, Todd Roy. Join the queue now!


The GG Podcast



While on a TV production set, Rick calls in to give behind the scenes insight on the emergence of esports at the collegiate level. Then, Kyle Fox rants about the Epic store, the community's negative reaction and what helped him see it from a new perspective - and Todd attempts to assault Kyle Fox!

Episode 12: Violent Video game Viola

Unfortunate news coming out of Evo regarding sexual misconduct allegations and explore some of the toxicity in the FGC. Jace talks about the chaos and mayhem going on in the video game culture. And the gang breaks down the recent controversy of scapegoating violent video games for violence in our society.


Host of the Eavesdrop podcast, owner and CEO of OpTic gaming Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez shares his journey from Account Analyst for AIG to running his own esports team and all the craziness that comes with it. Being based out of Texas Hector gives his take on the recent tragedy in El Paso. And you definitely won't want to miss the blow up when both Rick and Hector saying EXPLOSIVE and CONTROVERSIAL things!

Episode 10: The Tweet Heard Round The World

Rick gets emotional talking about a tweet from his son and the response of the gaming community. Kyle Fox has taken a stronger hold on the guest spot than his internet counterpart does a Monster Energy drink. The guys break down gaming gear and what they think matters most. And you'll definitely want to hear why Todd is extra happy he didn't enter the Fortnite World Cup tournament.